Paddles AVATAK

The charm of the wood in your hands



Some Testimonials

Hello Sergio. I just received the paddle. Aesthetically it is beautiful, light, I imagined it was heavier. When dry, I feel it very natural...

Hi Sergio! Yesterday afternoon I received the Greenland: beautiful. Today I went into the sea for a few hours testing it: nice feel of the elastic response of the wood at the end paddling, and seems unable to see how a 8 cm wide shovel and even concave can push!

Yesterday morning it was a little windy, when I exited the boathouse I was really uncomfortable. I paddled down and away. I mean at first I was a little dizzy and not very convinced of the purchase..


Then... I corrected the grip, the posture, the paddling, I played with angle, I make even the lover with a paddling storm (well, more or less with 234 paddle), I feelt a i great hold from close to wide open as I like, I try to maneuver, to rest, well, I made a bit 'all but parkas, and finally the pleasure of paddling with Nunavik came. Also the grip is excellent in all gripping widths, and if very broadens the fact of ending up at the beginning of the blade makes it easier to work with fingers, it prevents the close and certainly saves the wrists. I also hear her "singing" in the water while spreads in the handle of the turbulence noise is pleasant. So there is little to add: I am very happy!


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